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First and foremost we would like to thank the unprecedented number of Players who registered for our tryouts prior to the COVID shutdown.  We were looking forward to our 5th season of CHILL Hockey and even further building on our inaugural year of RAGE Hockey. 

Because of all the uncertainty around the upcoming hockey season and limits on the number of people allowed inside buildings, hockey tryouts are going to be anything but traditional for the upcoming season.  Our Coaches are looking to sign some returning players prior to August 31.  In early September the number of available spots on each team will be posted on our website and players who are registered will be given an opportunity to skate at either a professional development session or at a Coaches practice in September.

  • If a Player has already registered and paid for tryouts prior to the COVID shutdown and accepts a spot.  The tryout fee will be discounted against their season fees.

  • If a player has already registered and paid for tryouts prior to the COVID shutdown but does not receive an offer for a spot on a team prior to August 31, they will be provided with an opportunity to skate mid-September to the extent there are spots available or tryout fees will be refunded.

  • If a player did not register for tryouts prior to COVID shutdown and are interested in trying out for one of our teams, we will collect their information at our updated Registration Link and a Coach will be in contact with the next available ice time.  There will be a nominal $20 charge for each skate for players coming out who have not previously paid a tryout fee.

Please note that any skate, evaluation, team practice or otherwise, that happens in the 2020-21 hockey season

will follow all of the local Public Health Unit guidelines.

Please click to register and a coach will be in touch soon.

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